Hair removal strategy

The weather is getting hot every day, and the hair is exposed every day. In order not to expose the mane, some people have done a lot of work.

But hair removal is really a sad thing. It is both safe and efficient. First, let’s get to know the hair. The hair of the human body is divided into bristles and vellus hair. Hard hair, as the name suggests, is relatively hard, medullary, and dark in color. The length of the bristles is short, and the hair, mane, pubic hair, etc. are all long bristles, and the eyelashes, eyebrows, and nose hair are short bristles. Hairy, relatively soft, medullary, softer in color. It is usually the hair we are talking about, mainly distributed on the face, neck, limbs and trunk.

So because of the difference in hair and surrounding skin, the method of treating it is not the same.

For example, facial hair removal requires the most caution, because the skin on the face is relatively fragile, and ordinary hair removal products cannot be used on the face. The perianal hair can be scraped off with a special blade or wax. The skin of the limbs is relatively less delicate, and there are many ways to use it.

So what are the commonly used hair removal methods?


Use a commercially available hair removal knife for women or a male razor.

The advantage of this method is that it is highly effective and painless, without chemical stimuli, and is particularly suitable for temporary needs. The disadvantage is that the hair scorpion that has been blown up and then grows like a beard.

Imagine that when you sleep in the gods, the male god touches your legs, ah, the picture that cannot be described!


This method can be said to be the history of hair removal and tearing. Use a small scorpion, beeswax, hair tools and other tools to pull up the hair, it is inhuman! The advantage is that it is more precise, the hair that grows behind will become soft, suitable for small area hair removal. The downside is, too! pain! Now!

Hair removal cream

Compared to the front, the hair removal cream is much softer. Applicable to the whole body, easy to operate, the general hair removal cream will wear a small scraper, convenient and fast, take a ten minutes to get it before taking a bath.

But the above methods are not permanent.

If you want to permanently remove hair, you have to use point technology. Such as laser hair removal.

Using the selective photothermal effect of the laser, melanin is recognized, the hair follicle is destroyed, and the hair follicle is no longer grown. Nowadays, the popular ice point hair removal and spectral hair removal are all laser hair removal.

There will be a tingling sensation in the process of taking off, but it will be longer when it is taken off, but it will be relatively soft. It usually takes a long time to take off seven or eight times.

For students with darker skin or more sputum, this method is not applicable and will burn the skin. For students with strong hair, this method is more expensive.

I would also like to emphasize that the care work after hair removal is getting a bit.

1, must use sunscreen

2, the pores will become bigger after hair removal, so pay attention to hygiene!

3, the hair lotion after depilation must choose the texture is light and thin.

4, try not to use hot water after hair removal, can not steam sauna. If you want to take a bath, use warm water.

5, in order to repair burns faster, refuse to spicy food on the diet, add more foods containing vitamin C, can improve resistance.

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