Five major nursing aspects after hair removal

01 soothes the skin

Regardless of the method of hair removal, the hair follicles are damaged to varying degrees, so the skin must be soothed and sensitive. After washing the skin with water, wipe off the water and spray it with natural mineral water spray to soothe the skin and to add moisture to the skin. If you feel pain after depilation, or if you see redness on your skin, apply a depilatory care solution to the treatment area to reduce discomfort after depilation.

02 moisturizes the skin

After depilation, many people think that the skin will become dry, so it is necessary to moisturize and moisturize after depilation. Because it is not possible to use skin care products containing fragrance after depilation, when choosing moisturizing products, choose natural ingredients, anti-allergic formula, and clear moisturizing lotion, preferably colorless and tasteless. As long as you do a moisturizing job, the skin will naturally feel silky and the pores will not become coarse.

03 pay attention to sunscreen

The skin after hair removal is not in direct contact with the sun, because the ultraviolet rays will cause secondary damage to the damaged hair follicles, which may cause pigmentation, and the small black spots will easily grow. Try to stay indoors after hair removal. It is best to wear long-sleeved clothes when you go out, physically separate the sunlight, and pay attention to keep the clothes clean and dry to avoid infection. If you use sunscreen, be sure to choose a physical sunscreen.

04 disable whitening products

In addition to purifying the smoothness of the skin, some women hope to be fair, but after using hair, they should not use too many skin care products. The skin care procedure should be as simple as possible. If you want to whiten your skin, you can add a small amount of white vinegar to the bath, soak the skin after depilation, you can play a natural whitening effect, you can also inhibit the hair from regenerating, and the hair will become soft.

05 pay attention to diet

After hair removal, pay special attention to the diet. First, the diet is light. You can’t eat spicy foods such as peppers, green onions, garlic, etc., and avoid eating foods that are allergic, such as steamed bread and seafood. You should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as fruits rich in vitamin C, or directly eat vitamin C tablets, vitamin C can improve skin resistance and reduce pigmentation.

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